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Hi! My name is Tauri Laane, I'm the CEO/Founder of GreenLogistics.app

I try to live as transparent as possible, both in private life and in business. For me, this is the true freedom: not to have any secrets, not hiding anything and living always as the real true "me", in any situation. This is why I also share all financial information about our company. We have no dirty secrets in our team, we aim for brutal honesty.

Giving out all information has other benefits too: we get to meet new awesome people that give us great new ideas. We also share our technology stack (source code) to developers - and they come up with great new ideas when playing around.

If we share everything, one might ask: aren't we scared that somebody might clone "us"? Sure they can, and no, we are not scared. The secret sauce is in the team we have - one can not clone our know-how and the constant endless improvements we do. For us, the rest of the world is not competition - but friends we haven't met yet.

So please, get in contact, I will send You the link. And anything else You want to know, I'll gladly share :)

Tauri Laane, Founder & CEO at GreenLogistics.app
LinkedIN / Facebook / E-mail / Phone: (+372) 555 45 100

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