Happy news!

Enterprise Estonia (EAS) supported us with Development Voucher, granting 35 000 EUR for building the foundations of a new generation logistics software. In 2021 we will be launching mobile applications for paperless information exchange (proof of delivery etc).

Join the digital revolution in logistics - or be killed by it.

We are starting with a new generation software for logistics to bring down costs. Here You can read about the our vision - the features we plan to develop in 2021!
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Invoicing too slow?
Get Your money faster.

Get paid ASAP. Our system sends pictures (POD) with invoice automatically after transportation.
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New people cost money.
Get more done with Your team.

You don’t need more people. You need more automated software, to free up more time.
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You lose money on human errors.
Let us stop that.

With our easy-to-use software it is hard to make mistakes or leave something undone.
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You find out about problems too late.
See what’s happening - now!

Our software analyses a lot of data every minute, discovering problems that need attention.
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Impress your clients and partners
with our sustainability tools.

EU plans to cut CO2 emissions in half by 2030. Let our experts guide You towards them.
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You are losing time and money communicating.

We have awesome digital tools for Your client, so they don’t take up Your time writing and calling.
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Cut costs and improve results with every employee.

Our digital assistant helps each team member with unique feedback on improving the company.
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You are losing money with poor
planning. See different solutions!

Our planning module encourages logisticians to play around. “Cancel” or “save”, with ease.
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The risks with choosing a logistics software provider

Let’s go through some common problems and benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service)
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We have been helping logistics companies for 10+ years.

Our team of experts are world-class in cost optimization. We are here to serve and help.
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