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We have been helping logistics companies for 10+ years.
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Roadmap of our history:
  • 2003: Founder/CEO Tauri built the first online logistics software solution with automatic online incoices.
    This was at the time when most of the world had still static web pages and Excel was the only tool.
  • 2008: The first Javasript-based user interface for better logistics planning and warehouse management. This solution was years ahead of the game, some companies in 2018 still wanted to install the same software.
  • 2011: Our current team (three developers) worked years to build the most andvanced air cargo handling software at that time, now used in many terminals all over Europe. Automatic electronic communication with all flight companies etc.
  • 2014: Our team built many custom logistics solutions for big companies (Swissport and ASR in Finland, Litcargus in Lithuania, Ospentos International in Estonia etc). Again ahead of the game, our focus was on digital mobile devices.
  • 2017: Our team built a huge custom eCommerce logistics solution for SF EXPRESS, a Chinese multinational delivery services company. The application was created for Post11, subsidiary of S.F. Express and Omniva in Estonia.
  • 2022: GreenLogistics.app launches the first beta version. It will be the focus of our team for years to come.

Our unfair advantage
We are experts both in logistics software and saving money with automated processes. Our team has been working together 10+ years, building custom logistics solutions for companies in northern Europe. One of our biggest projects so far has been Qstep.eu air cargo terminal software, which allows to automate most tasks and do a lot more with a smaller team. This is a SaaS business (Software as a Service) where our team grew the revenue to 500 000 eur/year before moving on to GreenLogistics.app - and now we have even higher goals.

Our team has a track record of achieving deadlines and not going over budget. While being the leading experts in the field with massive know-how, we are still trying to learn new technologies with each new project. With GreenLogistics.app we have our key goals set on DevOps principles and scalability - to find cost/effective ways of serving million of users with stable quality. We have learned a lot with previous years/project and this time we are aiming for a huge impact, changing the world of logistics.

We get asked about our methods of development (it's scrum, agile) and about our technology stack, but actually the most important thing for great success is always the company culture. Are we being honest and transparent? Do we take ownership and initiative? Do we pursue growth and learning? Are we being humble and kind both to colleagues and clients alike? It is not enough to put together a group of talented developers - but they must share the same values, be a team player. We also have the advantage of 10+ years of experience as a team. Like an extended family, we keep the work fun and the stress out.

Another secret of success is the team size - great innovation almost always happens in small teams, because big companies have too many limiting rules for talented people. With all the software we have built, we have been very flexible - getting ideas one day, and launching the new awesome features a few days later. We have turned down opportunities to work on projects, where the clients/management did not give us the authority to pursue innovative new solutions and technologies.

We are really excited with GreenLogistics.app and hope to see You join!

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