Covid19 lockdown can hit logistics again

Covid-19 lockdown is damaging Your company. Be prepared for worse!
We share more information among colleagues and remove limitations on working remotely.

For some jobs the remote work is not a problem, but planning logistics was hard in Covid-19 lockdown. When the people were not in the same room, a lot of information was lost - since too much data was in people's heads, not entered into software. For some solutions it is harder to insert all information, for others is impossible to show the data to every team member.

What ever the future will bring, You have to be ready for even bigger lockdown and make remote work easier for Your team with our software. The smartphones with our app help drivers to pick up and deliver cargo without human contact, taking the photos of unloading that are automatically sent to each party.

Our software also makes it easy to delegate some employee's task to a new person (when calling in sick etc). This again requires Your team to input more information into a central system, so they can leave at any time. Only easy-to-use software can reach that effect. Our app not only makes it easy to delegate, but teaches the new person step-by-step so that no human contact is needed on training. This makes it possible to hire temporary workforce as well.

Covid-19 lockdown can also have a huge impact on the economy, and to the financials of Your business. This is why it's important to be able to cut costs fast by using our software, based on data analysis and real time feedback to make things more effective.

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