Logistics software risks with SaaS model

The risks with choosing a logistics software provider
Let’s go through some common problems and benefits of SaaS (Software as a Service)

We are providing SaaS (Software as a Service) and it is installed in our own servers. Like everything in life, it has upsides and downsides. In the text below we are going to compare our SaaS solution with custom-made software for Your company, that You could order from a third party software provider.

The positive:
  • The low price. Our SaaS (monthly) price is so small compared to a custom-made solution. The development of all of our features would cost You hundreds of thousands of dollars - and since there are other logistics companies in the world sharing our platform, You do not need to make that investment by Yourself alone. Plus we keep adding new features each year - free for You!
  • No future costs. When ordering a custom-made solution, You might think it will be a one-time payment and that's all. But there are a lot of hidden costs for the future too: security updates (so hackers can't access Your data), new smartphones and other devices to implement the solution on; and third party software updates (when Android or iOS change something on their platform).
  • You get what You see. The custom-made solution is ideal only on paper, but software project seldom end up working as good and the price budget/deadline is rarely kept. By joining out SaaS software You instantly get all the features that have already been built and tested by other users.

The negative
  • You are not our only client. Yes, we will fix all issues (security updates, new devices etc) in the future for free (the monthly price), but since there are a lot of clients all over the world, You might not get the request or bug-fix done in the first hours of reporting it.
  • We can not build Your every wish. When there is some functionality that the 99% of the world is using X way, we can not change this one the request of one company. If it is a good idea, we will implement it - but if most of the users hate it, we can not build it.
  • It's harder to take us out to coffee. When You have a personal software provider building You a custom-made solution, You probably pick the company next door and can "sit in" on the development of the project and future updates, having better human connections. We are not the company next door, so we have to share the coffee in a Zoom video call ;)

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