Use a digital assistant in optimizing logistics

Cut costs and improve results with every employee.
Our digital assistant helps each team member with unique feedback on improving the company.

Our time is limited each day. Even if the managers and leaders of a company had the capacity to analyze all the real time information, it would be impossible for them to communicate with every employee daily to set his/her goals to improve effectivity and cut costs. But just use Your imagination - what if by magic the time would stop outside your company, and the managers could analyze hours and days all the latest real time data? And communicating with their team they could choose the best strategy for today's action plan? This is what You can achieve with our software.

An example would be Uber/Bolt. The business model was not yet possible in 2010 without smartphones. When there is so much data to exchange (all the passengers and cars), phone calls and direct communication are too slow to be useful. The same is with Your company - reports and communication are taking so much time, that the important information reaches the employees too late. Compared to Uber, Your team is probably still working with the efficiency of 2010, without a big breakthrough using real time data analysis to make the best decisions every minute. This is where the digital revolution in logistics will have the biggest impact.

Using our software, all employees get unique real time feedback according to the metrics that are important only to them. Just like Amazon has different relevant products to every user, our software will be a different experience to Your every employee. This is even more important in the next years to come, because the amount of information available will grow each year with new technical widgets. Another example is a web page visitor counter: back in 2000 it was only able to show the amount of visitors, but today a lot more information is gathered - where they hold the mouse cursor etc. In the same way the data mountain in Your company will grow soon - let's start digging for some digital gold!

In Startup world there is a term "Growth Hacking" - what to test on applications/web to get more visitors, sign ups, purchases etc. Besides using this ourselves, we are going to use it on Your business - constantly making little tests to make Your company run cheaper and faster. Here is where the digital assistant comes in - it can guide each of Your employees to make little changes, comparing the data to find the most efficient way for Your team.

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