Have better logistics planning tools

You are losing money with poor planning. See different solutions!
Our planning module encourages logisticians to play around. “Cancel” or “save”, with ease.

The best solution in logistics would be a magic crystal ball to predict the future, so Your team does not need to do any planning. But we live in reality, so our software is the next best thing. The problem with information transparency is so big, that often people on the other side of the table do not know what colleagues are planning. We help to get this information out of their heads and into the software, for all team members to see the routes planned.

On the other hand, a lot of people still love Excel solution because of the ability to "play around" locally, test different routes and transportation methods without effecting the software solution used in the company. This is because a lot of systems do not make it possible to test different solutions - each click will change things in the system, testing around will have serious effects. In our software it is easy to test and plan.

More planning means cutting costs on Your company - to see where to use a smaller truck or by witch route to get the client cargo to arrive faster. Our software enables this with showing more relevant information together in one view, without clicking around in the application. All members of the team should see instant feedback what their actions are effecting and what costs are involved, if the truck ride will produce profits etc.

The system also gives feedback to drivers. Sometimes it is important to start the transportation circle 10:00 instead of 11:30 on Monday, to get back in Thursday evening instead of Friday. This would enable to cut costs on a whole day! And some transportation routes need the cargo to arrive before a certain time to make it to the next link instead of waiting a few days for the next truck.

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