Automate most processes in logistics

New people cost money. Get more done with Your team.
You don’t need more people. You need more automated software, to free up more time.

When Your need to hire an assistant for Your logisticians, what are they helping with? The same tasks: making calls, getting information... This all could be solved with our logistics software instead. Too much time of Your team is spent doing tasks that could be automated with a good solution. This way the current team can do a more efficient job, not needing any assistants in the first place.

An example - while building the IT-solution for Omniva/Post11 in Estonia, the CEO/Founder of (Tauri) managed to triple the processing volumes (while the workforce remained the same). With we are also aiming for a high processing volume boost for Your company. Our software it is so effective and automated, that usually some people will be eliminated from Your team - what is good for some, is bad for others...

No company can afford to hire as many people as they need on the rush hour. The human mind has limited capability - when getting 5 back-to-back phone calls, the employee will forget something and the client will be angry. With a good solution all information will be exchanged digitally, so nothing important is lost.

The problem is not only with clients, but the information exchange among the team as well. Often the people on the other side of the table do not know, what logistics his/her colleagues are planning for tomorrow. By showing the information transparently, You can both cut the costs of Your team and raise the effectivity level. Automate processes for people to do less and know more.

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You lose money on human errors.
Let us stop that.

With our easy-to-use software it is hard to make mistakes or leave something undone.
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You find out about problems too late.
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