Too many human errors in logistics?

You lose money on human errors. Let us stop that.
With our easy-to-use software it is hard to make mistakes or leave something undone.

Some mistakes can cost a lot of money - and most of them can be avoided. Machines don't make mistakes, people do. During rush hour it is sometimes impossible to keep the chaos in order, when different trucks arrive in the same time and all cargo is unloaded into a random place without supervision. Your company must rely on a good software to keep track of every package going in the right direction. When each item is scanned during each step, the smartphone can give instant feedback to forbidden operations.

Sometimes there are errors that the employees could not be aware of, but the computer can do background research to avoid them. When some package has a transportation chain of many steps, the software can give feedback on a cheaper/faster route.

With the help of a good system in place, You can hire new employees without giving them hours of training. Simply install our application in their smartphones and it will guide the new person to do the right steps at the right time, leaving no room for errors. Our software will also give You feedback how well the new employee is performing, comparing results to other people.

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You find out about problems too late.
See what’s happening - now!

Our software analyses a lot of data every minute, discovering problems that need attention.
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Impress your clients and partners
with our sustainability tools.

EU plans to cut CO2 emissions in half by 2030. Let our experts guide You towards them.
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