See all logistics reports in real time

You find out about problems too late. See what’s happening - now!
Our software analyses a lot of data every minute, discovering problems that need attention.

In a typical logistics company there are several people, who deal with generating reports to analyze data - and since their primary responsibility is not calculating the profit margins of the company, the reports are not perfect. And there is a time lag too - this could be made first thing each month/week/day, but employees have other things to do and the reports often arrive later then needed.

Our machines don't sleep and are ready to give You real time data/reports every minute. They have much more "thinking" capacity than Your team and can track hundreds of dimensions of data each moment - letting You instantly know, where the smoke starts to rise and fire is expected. All of the data will be compared to the last day/week/month, letting You know where things are getting better; and where they are getting worse. Where things are going uphill, the system will praise the employees doing a good job - and motivate others on key metrics, where they are failing. You will see, who is doing the bare minimum and who is really helping Your company.

If Your company has a bonus salary system, the software can calculate it in real time, keeping Your employees checking our application often - this makes it easier to implement the system. The same is with the managers/leaders: seeing all real time numbers from the operation, they can bring themselves up to speed easily working remotely or being on a vacation.

Since there is a lot more data than a human mind can focus on, our software brings out only the top #3 important fields which need attention. This is personalized - each employee has their own view, only data that is related to his/her operations.

The amount of data in any company is getting bigger with the advances in technology (GPS etc), so it is important to get a software solution to dig for gold in this mountain of data. Companies still using Excel as their primary tool will have a difficult time in the future years to come.

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