Want to use sustainability tools in logistics?

Impress your clients and partners with our sustainability tools.
EU plans to cut CO2 emissions in half by 2030. Let our experts guide You towards them.

The EU has sustainability as it's primary goal in the plans for 2021-2027. Road transportation is the only field where CO2 emissions have risen compared to 1990-s data. By the year 2030 EU set the goal of reduce the emissions by 46%. Up until now sustainability has not been a big issue in logistics, but this will change with EU pressure in the next years to come. Our GreenLogistics.app milestones are not only good for the world, but they will be important for the future of Your business too.

How can You turn this to Your advantage? There are benefits to the image of Your company - every "green" step should be publicly celebrated to impress both Your partners and the clients (and the clients of them, too). Think about it: when You are part of the transportation chain of a eCommerce site, they would proudly want to shout out "We are using Green Logistics!". They win, You win, we win.

Another benefit is when You plan the transportation days with clients. Sometimes the trucks will drive half empty, only to make another half empty round the next day. Some clients would definitely agree to wait and ship the truck another day, if this helps to keep the world a little more "green". And if this information is presented publicly, both of Your reputation gets better. We have specific calculations in place, how much "green" points You have collected with the use of our systems. Wouldn't it be nice to show the digital counter, how many trees Your company has saved during the years?

The sustainability goals require money and investments - and this is actually where we come in. With all of the efficiency and automation, Your company can save a lot of money. And some of it You can reinvest in sustainability goals. We won't demand it (but EU will, anyway).

One of our company goals is to eliminate all paper documents and "go digital" - save all data in the cloud. This move is not only because of sustainability, because digital information moves a lot faster and provides more value when saved in a central database for all to access. We will also set "green" standards by which to measure our users, helping them to move ahead. We will be cooperate with other organizations with "green" goals and the synergy in that will improve Your company too.

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