Communication in logistics taking up too much time?

You are losing time and money communicating.
We have awesome digital tools for Your client, so they don’t take up Your time writing and calling.

How many hours and days do Your employees spend communicating with clients, tracking down the position of cargo etc? With a good software system in place, Your client can see all the real time information he needs. Sometimes they want to forward Your information anonymously to a third party, so we also provide that in real time (e.g. URL to hide You as a provider). Many clients already have API systems so our software can connect with them via machines.

When starting to use our self-service, Your client can have many questions to contact You. This is why we made the solution simple, with easy step-by-step guides. We aim to have a system where Your new client does not need to contact You at all:
  1. The clients should understand the self-service interface intuitively
  2. They should be able to enter the orders and all data by themselves
  3. They should be able to understand the transportation info in real time
  4. They should see all the invoices etc.
When a client does contact You with some questions, we will investigate each case one-by-one to make our solution even better, for it not to happen next time. That does not mean that we think human contact is not important - but it's good to have an automatic system without the need for communication.

Do You have any questions? Let our team of experts get in touch:

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You are losing money with poor
planning. See different solutions!

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