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We have a free way of speeding up the invoicing process - and speeding up Your money. There has been lately a lot of digital progress in some logistics companies (flight terminals and couriers), but the road transportation is lagging behind in the "paper" age. Some of the companies still scan CMR (POD) documents in the office, because drivers have no experience with smartphones. This slows down the invoicing process - and even more, when the driver forgets to bring the papers at all. Because of that, some logistics companies are using invoice factoring services, paying the cost of 5-10% annually.

To speed up the process of scanning POD documents and creating invoices, we have built an extremely simple solution for cheap smartphones (Android, iOS) to have all drivers “point and click”, delivering all the images (documents, damaged goods etc) automatically via email to the office. The solution is in many languages, because it is important for the drivers to have it in their own native language. Since this application is the very first for some drivers, we have also taken steps to make the process enjoyable, providing different positive feedback. Also showing a monthly / weekly / daily salary calculation (based on the transportation done) will make the driver want to open that application often. This makes the solution easier to implement in Your company.

While getting the proof of delivery instantly, we can also automate Your invoicing via API, to have clients receive the invoice right at the end of the transportation. This means again automating tasks at the company, leaving more time for your team to work on things more important than creating and sending invoices manually. Free up the time of Your logisticians!

We also have system for presenting and signing the documents digitally (on smartphone screen) to remove the papers from our existence all together. In our experience 80% of Your clients want to start using digital-only, while the last 20% want to have both the paper and digital version sent to their email.

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