Enterprise Estonia (EAS) supported us with Development Voucher, granting 35 000 EUR for building the foundations of a new generation logistics software. In 2021 we will be launching mobile applications for paperless information exchange (proof of delivery etc).

The digital revolution in logistics has started

Join the digital revolution in logistics - or be killed by it.
We plan to build a new generation software for logistics to bring down costs. Here You can read about the our vision - the features we plan to develop!

API's, Big Data, AI - You hear it everywhere, the change is coming. AirBNB and Uber are some examples, how new technology will change the world fast and put many companies out of business. In the next years there will be a huge change in logistics, too. The amount of data is rising, this can be analyzed in real time only by software, not by humans. And the software will group the most relevant information for each employee, helping them to make better decisions every minute.

Smartphones are one reason why the change is happening now. They offer a cheap way to digitize each step of the process (leaving no room for human errors) and speed up data. Information moves instantly without human interaction. Right now the logistics companies can not even imagine how much benefits will be found from the huge mountains of data when analyzed correctly in real time. "Winter is coming", the business is changing - better to join sooner, than later.

In the past it was useful for You to train Your employees. But in the future this will not be enough - You can not take a knife to a gunfight. The biggest focus should be on picking the right tools - modern logistics software with a great analytics platform. When You look at our features, they might seem "nice to have" at the moment. But soon they will be more than nice - they will be a "must have" for any logistics company hoping to survive.

Our software is totally new, written from scratch in 2020 with the future in mind. A lot of other logistics software providers have old platforms, started in 2000-2010. They have made too many investments and refuse to start over with a modern platform. They are serving where the market is at today, we will be serving where the market is going to be in future years to come. This is why Green Logistics Revolution has a huge advantage with data analytics and we welcome You on board!

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